4 Ways the Psychedelic Industry is Changing: Lessons from Plant Medicine Week 2022

1. The state-by-state changing laws mean interesting real-world data will be generated

Different laws per state (and per country) mean that real-world experiments can help you dissect what type of psychedelic therapy works best.

2. Optimising the delivery of psychedelics can be more beneficial than developing novel ones

Most of the drug development in psychedelics looks to develop novel (patentable) psychedelics. Changing how (first generation) psychedelics are delivered to the brain, may offer a quicker route to success.

3. Generating revenue — now — should be a top goal of psychedelic companies

Research takes time, generating revenue now will allow psychedelic companies to gather a loyal customer base.

4. Psychedelics as a business will extend beyond mental health to “make well people better”

Psychedelic treatments will extend well beyond treating those with mental health issues. Within proposed frameworks such as that in Oregon, a sizeable market will address those seeking psychedelics for self-improvement.



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