Psychedelic Research Highlights July & August

1 min readSep 1, 2022

While many of us had the chance to enjoy a summer vacation, psychedelic researchers were hard at work.

We’ve rounded up key papers from the past 2 months 👇

Results from the first trial using psilocybin to treat alcoholism are promising.

“Psilocybin administered in combination with psychotherapy produced robust decreases in the percentage of heavy drinking days”

The jury’s still out on microdosing.

A study using @QuantCitizen favoured microdosing but lacked placebo control & blinding.

@ETagliazucchi et al found no improvements in well-being, creativity & cognitive function in a double-blind RCT.

New tools for researchers.

@drrosalindwatts et al developed & validated the Watts Connectedness Scale to measure feelings of connectedness.

Based on the REBUS model, Richard Zeifman et al have begun developing RElaxed Beliefs Questionnaire (REB-Q)

Could at-home ketamine therapy soon become a reality?

Using real-world evidence, researchers found that sublingual ketamine tablets taken at home reduced measures of depression & anxiety.

We looked at what they did here:

In case you were enjoying your vacation this summer and missed the latest developments in psychedelic research — you can check out the full recap 👇




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