Rick Strassman does a great job of introducing psychedelics

2 min readAug 8, 2022

We’ve read over 50 psychedelic books

Most do a poor job of introducing new people to psychedelics

The Psychedelic Handbook by Dr Rick Strassman — out today — may quickly become the book to recommend

3 reasons why 👇

1. Concise & Clear

You can’t not love Michael Pollan’s prose, but HTCYM isn’t a book for the fainthearted

With a reading time of about 3 hours, PH is a lighter — but still very complete — intro to psychedelics

2. Optimistic & Open

As one of the pioneers of the psychedelic renaissance, Strassman knows what he is talking about

He praises the research in the lab and outside of it — and rightfully calls out the risks associated with psychedelics

3. Practical, not Prescriptive

The book’s fourth section describes guidelines/tips on how to use psychedelics

These are sensible, without a specific (spiritual/religious) agenda, and made without talking down to the reader

All in all, possibly the perfect book to gift to those new to psychedelics

The Psychedelic Handbook is out today

Get it here 👇

Blossom was given a review copy of PH (no other compensation)

Read our review and summary of the first part here 👇

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