The psychedelic conferences you can’t miss in 2022/23

There are a million psychedelic conferences happening this year.

Ok, maybe fewer, but here are the next 16 you might want to visit:

(in chronological order)

Let me know in the comments which ones I’ve overlooked.

1 The Psychedelic Assembly | 10–11 Sep

Max 100 people, focus on making connections | McKenna, Holland, Pickard

2 Horizons Northwest | 15–18 Sep

Everything you need to know about psychedelics in Oregon

3 Psilocybin San Francisco | 20–21 Sep

Various perspectives on psilocybin mushrooms | virtual

4 The Cannabis & Psychedelic Investment Summit | 20 Sep

Join investors and entrepreneurs in London | Sessa, Linton, Blunt

5a ICPR: Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business | 21 Sep

Where science meets business in Amsterdam | Nutt, Kuypers, Levy

5b Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research | 22–24 Sep

All of academic psychedelia comes together | Preller, Doblin, Nichols

6 Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum | 29–2 Sep-Oct
Near Vancouver, Canada (also streaming) | ‘shake the tree: seeds to action’

7 Horizons 15th edition | 12–16 Oct

Combination of science and business talks (also streaming) | New York

8 Sana Symposium | 13–15 Oct

For professionals in psychedelics, by Psychedelic Medicines Association

9 UW Madison Psychedelic Symposium | 27–28 Oct

Mainly academic (open to the public) conference in Wisconsin

10 Awareness Lectures on Psychedelic Science (ALPS) | 29–30 Oct

Second edition of student-led conference in Switzerland

11 Conference on Psychedelics & Psychedelic Medicine | 4–5 Nov

Mainly academic (limited reg.) conference at Mass General (Boston)

12 Wonderland Miami | 14–16 Nov

Business, entertainment, culture, investing | Morris, Silva, Angermeyer

13 Psychedelic Conference Fuerventura | 19 Nov

Intimate conference (80 people) in Spanish, in Spain

14 Psychedelics in Medicine | 12–13 Jan 2023

Research-focused assembly in Iceland | Pollan, Doblin, Vermetten

15 Psychedelic Science 2023 | 19–25 Jun 2023

Everything and everyone, by MAPS, be there or be ⬛ (Colorado)

16 INSIGHT | 7–10 Sep 2023

Mainly academic with some implementation, by MIND Foundation (Berlin)

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