The psychedelic lawyer we need

3 min readAug 29, 2022

One lawyer is shining his light on the dark underworld of psychedelic patents

Meet @calyxlaw(Graham Pechenik), the soft-spoken champion of psychedelic intellectual property

Before founding Calyx Law in 2016, Graham defended — and challenged — patents for over a decade

His work ranged from challenging Monsanto GMO patents to representing Pfizer & Google

But ever since college, his passion has been psychedelics (incl. cannabis)

Within the psychedelic space, Graham fulfils two major roles

1 Helping companies defend their novel and non-obvious patents

2 Challenge the status quo & fight for psychedelic access

Graham’s successes include fighting the DEA on scheduling psychedelics that are mainly used for research purposes

Together with Matt Zorn (and others), he successfully prevented DOI, DOC, and DiPT (+4 more) from falling into the restrictive Schedule I

Over at @Psyched_Alphahe is keeping track of psychedelic patents, ranging from psilocybin to MDMA

The resource is the place to go for keeping tabs on the latest innovations (and sometimes obvious claims) psychedelic companies are granted

Next to his contributions to the public benefit, Graham (and his team) works closely with tens of psychedelic companies to protect their intellectual property

He has worked with @redlightholland, Indication Bioscience and is a founding member of the Psychedelic Bar Association

When not thinking about psychedelics, Graham can be found driving his motorcycle into the woods

But even then, he finds a way to draw the analogy between his volunteer work as a Miur Woods ranger and psychedelics

As the ecosystem of a forest is disturbed, the unintended consequences can have devastating effects on the life within the ecosystem

Graham argues that the same can happen with psychedelics, and he is fighting hard to steer the ship away from icebergs

Instead of seeing patents as the evil consequence of a capitalist system, he “ultimately wants to see the patent system being what it is intended to be, which is the creation of society”

Learn more about @calyxlaw ‘s work at the free webinar that we’re putting together with @OPEN_fndn this Wednesday

Links — Graham at Horizons 2021

And finally, vote for Graham’s panel at @sxsw




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