Why and how can we preserve traditional psychedelic knowledge?

The importance of reciprocity

“While the psychedelic sector booms, many of these same communities with endemic psychedelic use, like the Shipibo-Conibo with ayahuasca, the Huichol with peyote, and the Bantou with iboga, live in poverty. That is an asymmetry and an injustice,” says Jesse.

What is the best way to give back?

Members of the indigenous yagé (ayahuasca) advocacy organisation UMIYAC told Jesse when in an interview, “we cannot talk about reciprocity until we first talk about reparations” — El Puente is framing reciprocity just like that.

Next-generation psychedelics & the patent debate

While acknowledging that next-generation psychedelics can alleviate environmental pressures, Jesse worries that “the increased adoption of synthetic derivatives leads to decreased interest in their natural counterparts, which can adversely impact indigenous communities.”



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